Clean & Crisp Whites

Clean and Crisp wines really don’t take much explaining – they are deliciously crisp and rather, erm, clean. Or put another way, they are full of lots of fresh flavours and are easy to drink. You won’t come across any overpowering aromas or heavy textures here. So don’t expect lashings of oak and bucket loads of rich fruit. Instead, you’ll find a delightful touch of citrus and a smackering of zing. Think of a refreshing, yet delicate wine that will leave you coming back for more.

The Perfect Aperitif

Clean and Crisp wines are perfect for a pre-dinner drink. Their lightness make a delicious and refreshing option if you are entertaining as they won’t ruin your guests’ appetites like some slightly more acidic white wines. Alternatively drink them on their own for a simple, yet deliciously refreshing drink at home or with friends.

One for the Afternoon

Clean and Crisp whites are also a great choice for the afternoon or summer drinking. Because they are light and crisp, they won’t leave you blown out for the evening ahead.

Not a Fan of Oak

If you don’t like the taste of oak in your wine (that buttery, nutty taste) then Clean and Crisp wines are for you. Clean and Crisp wines are completely fresh and neutral in taste, meaning that you won’t find a hint of oak in sight.

Old World Clean and Crisp

So if you have decided to go for a Clean and Crisp wine, what should you choose? Well, Italian Pinot Grigio is typical of this style of wine, as are a number of the other Italian white grapes such as Orvieto, Cortese and Frascati. Some of the lighter Old World style Chardonnays and Chenin Blanc are also worth looking out for.

Further Afield

While many Clean and Crisp wines originate from the cooler climates of the Old World, the New World also has a lot to offer Clean and Crisp fans. Try a Classic Style Chardonnay from Chile, a South African Sauvignon Blanc or a clean Aussie Semillon – we’re sure that you won’t be left feeling disappointed.

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If you fancy a change from your Clean and Crisp wine, you may also like Kiwi Style Sauvignon Blanc. The racy, zippy flavours that you’ll come across in a Sauvignon Blanc are not unlike some slightly more acidic Clean and Crisp style wines.

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