Eduardo Casademont



As head winemaker at the prestigious Finca Las Moras winery in San Juan Argentina, Eduardo brings over 25 years of experience. Eduardo Casademont’s story is simple – a man encouraged by passion, who has studied and travelled the world’s vineyards as well as those in his own backyard. Montpellier, La Rioja, Australia and New Zealand became part of Eduardo’s path. This is all translated in the wines he produces for Finca Las Moras. Wines prepared for passionate people, for music lovers, sportsmen and women, any amateur artist, student, fathers, mothers, sons…People who live the greatness of simple moments. He has also been named the best producer by the International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC) on two separate occasions.


Finca Las Moras Winery

Finca Las Moras produces some of Argentina’s finest wines. The name originates from the blackberry trees present in the estates of the three main valleys in San Juan. The Blackberries are called “moras” in Spanish. San Juan offers some huge advantages for wine-growers. One being the San Juan River which supplies fresh pure water from the snow melt of the Andes Mountain range.

A basic principle for Finca Las Moras is “perfect harmony”, the balance between humanity and nature. Sustainable practices for the production of the grapes. Las Moras has also been certified by Argencert, confirming that the process and activities undertaken at the winery comply with the requirements for organic grapes. It is production without the need to use conventional pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

As you can imagine, the winery is not without its rewards. In 2005 and 2008, Finca Las Moras won Argentinean wine producer of the year, voted for by the International Wine & Spirits Competition.


In his own words

“Honestly, we are ecstatic. Las Moras is our beloved son, our love at first sight, our passion. From the get-go, we were looking for a unique, innovative product that combines absolute enjoyment with the highest quality. Having achieved the first high-end wine in San Juan and other products with an excellent value for money really excites me. It is the result of the work of many years. Trial and error really paid off. And we still have many challenges ahead of us.”