As you would expect with a name like Fragrant but Dry whites, these wines taste very floral and fragrant. Think of an explosion of exotic fruits, peaches and apricots and you will be along the right lines. But despite the sweet fruit flavours, Fragrant but Dry whites don’t have a sweet finish. Quite the opposite in fact. These wines are deliciously dry, often with a crisp, zingy edge.

A Range of Grapes

Fragrant but Dry Whites bring together a whole host of different grape varieties but typically you will find them made from AlbarinoRielsingViognier, Chenin Blanc, Verdelho and Gewurztraminer.

Breaking the Mould

Many people think that Riesling only comes in the sweet German variety. However, it can be a perfect example of a Fragrant but Dry white wine. Australia, New Zealand, as well and Germany, all produce some mouth-wateringly dry versions of this wonderful grape.

Where to Look

Fragrant but Dry wines are made in a range of New and Old World Countries including Germany, Australia, France, Spain, New Zealand and Portugal.

Save for your Favourite Asian Take-Away!

The rich, intense, fruity flavours of Fragrant but Dry whites make them great aperitif wines. But even better is to enjoy them with spicy or Asian food where the floral notes work with the spices perfectly.

Fancy a Change?

If you like your wines Fragrant but Dry but fancy trying something a little different, you might like to go for a Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc or Clean and Crisp style wine. Like Fragrant but Dry wines, Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc wines are full of fruity flavours and are incredibly zingy. Clean and Crisp wines are less punchy but have the same freshness as Fragrant but Dry style wines.

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