Huge Reds

It doesn’t take long to understand what we mean when we talk about Huge Reds. Quite simply, they are biggest, blockbusting red wines that you will come across.

Not for the Faint Hearted

Huge reds are for wine drinkers who like their red dark, intense and powerful. Bursting with blackcurrants, plums and damsons, and with lashings of peppers, oak and spices shining through, you will rarely come across a Huge Red with an alcohol content of less than a 13%. Huge Reds are monster red wines, big in every dimension – think maximum fruit, tannin and body.

Not just Aussie Cab Sauv

Most people tend to think that Huge Reds go hand in hand with Cabernet Sauvignon and particularly the mighty versions from Australia. While this isn’t wrong, there’s much more than just Cabernet Sauvignon to get stuck into. ShirazMalbec and Zinfandel all are pretty “huge”. But if you can’t tear yourself away from our little Cabernet Sauvignon friend, don’t forget to give other countries like Chile, Argentina, South Africa and the USA a look, as well as Australia.

Save for Food

As much as you might like the thought of cracking open a big bottle of red after a hard day at work, it will be far better if you save it for dinner. Team Huge Reds with a piece of red meat, such as barbequed steak, and the body and flavours in the wine will work a treat against all the textures in the meat. Serve a Huge Red with a light piece of chicken, however, and the wine will be far too overpowering.

Drink after Lighter Styles of Wine

One of the best things to remember when serving Huge Reds is to work up to them. In other words, start with something light and refreshing or fruity first, and move on to the bigger style reds once your taste buds have had a chance to get used to them. If you are entertaining and go all out and serve your biggest bottle of Zinfandel as soon as your guests arrive, not only will the taste be far too overpowering (especially if the last thing they drank was a cup of tea) but everyone will be asleep before the night has hardly started.

Fancy a Change?

If you love your Huge Reds but fancy something different (because lets face it, Huge Reds are probably not the best choice for afternoon drinking) then you might like to try Full and Fruity style wines. These still have lots of fruit and body but not as much tannin and acidity as Huge Reds, so they are a better option for drinking on their own or with lighter foods.

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