Oaky Aussie Chardonnay

Not to be confused with the Classic Style of Chardonnay, an Oaky Aussie Chardonnay is a rich, wine full of all the same fruity tones as a Classic Chardonnay but with the addition of lashings of buttery, woody flavours.

Oak, Oak and More Oak

An Oaky Aussie Chardonnay is a typical “Marmite” wine – you’ll either love it or hate it. Oaky Aussie Chardonnays are characterised by a woody taste, which comes from being aged in oak for several years. Basically if you are white wine lover and you like the taste of oak in your wines, an Oaky Aussie Chardonnay is for you.

Not Just Oz

Australia made a name for itself in the 1980’s by producing heavily oaked styles of Chardonnay – hence the name Oaky Aussie Chardonnay. However, it is not just about Australian Chardonnay. America quickly followed suit, with California in particular producing full-bodied, oak laden white wines, as have some of the other New World countries. Of course that’s not forgetting France. White wines from the Cotes de Beaune region in Burgundy are often very rich with big woody flavours. These are often described as some of the most prestigious and expensive wines produced in the wine world.

Not to be Confused with Classic Chardonnays

It’s worth remembering that an Oaky Aussie Chardonnay tastes very different to a Classic Style Chardonnay such as Chablis (also from Burgundy) and this often causes confusion amongst wine drinkers who don’t realise that there is a big difference between the two. Both styles of Chardonnay feature lots of fruit, including hints of lemon, lime, pineapple and mango, but Classic styles will taste light and crisp, whereas Oaked styles will be more complex and heavy as a result of having been aged in oak.

Great Food Wines

The flavours of cream, vanilla and butter that you will come across in an Oaky Aussie Chardonnay gives the wine a lot of texture and body. This makes Oaky Aussie Chardonnays great food wines. Try them with chicken or smoked fish for a great food combination.

Fancy A Change?

If you like Oaky Aussie Chardonnay, it probably means that you like the taste of oak. Few other white wines have the addition of oak so if you are looking for something different to drink, we’d recommend going for a red wine. Oak is used heavily in the red wines from Rioja, so this is good place to start.

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