Sweet German Style

When we talk about Sweet German Style wines, wine drinkers often think of the cheap and sickly, sweet German wines, such as Liebfraumilch and Hock, that became famous in the 80’s. But to do this would be doing this style a disservice as, yes, the wines will typically have a Germanic flavour but they will also be of high quality, with delicately balanced flavours.

Luscious Sweet Fruit

The Germanic style will generally include crisp citrus to tropical flavours, including lemons, peaches and apricots. The tendency is for the wine to taste slightly sweeter than other styles such as Classic Chardonnay or Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc but this is often kept in check by a large dose of racy acidity and spiciness.

Racy Riesling

Sweet German Styles wines will generally be made from Riesling but also sometimes Gewurztraminer or Vouvray demi-sec.

Germany, Germany and More Germany

As you can probably guess, sweet German styles are typcially made in Germany. However, you will also find similar styles from the neighbouring countries of Austria and France (Alsace).

A Refreshing Aperitif

Many wine drinkers often get the Sweet German style wines confused with dessert wines. However, the styles are quite different from one another, so much so that Sweet German wines can be very refreshing when drunk on a hot summer’s day as an aperitif. The Sweet German style is also a great match for slightly spicy food, such as Asian or Indian cuisine.

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