Welcome to our Wine Guide

This is the place where you will you find everything you want to know about the intriguing world of wine. Posh gossip and snobbery is nowhere to be seen – we simply get back to basics here exploring different grapes and their origins, as well as the many winemaking regions scattered across the globe. So, if you are struggling to tell your Chenin Blanc from your Chardonnay, or want to make your mate’s jaw drop with your knowledge of Argentinean wine – you have hit the nail on the head by entering the WineZone!

If that’s not enough encouragement, we’ll chat you through our unique Wine Styles, so you’ll have a crystal clear idea what we mean when talking about “Soft and Juicy Reds” and “Fragrant but Dry Whites”. We’ll share with you our top tips (they’re rather hot) on everything from matching food and wine through to serving the juice itself. We’ll introduce you to some of our star winemakers so if you ever chance a meeting on one of their wineries, you’ll know everything from their greatest achievement in life to how many dogs they have.

We’ll always be adding fresh, new pages – so if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see featuring in the WineGuide, we’d love to hear your pitch! In the meantime, we hope you find our WineGuide to your taste and enjoy the exciting leap from ‘wine virgin’ to ‘vino extraordinaire’… Happy reading!