Buy Better Wines for Less

It’s easy to get carried away when buying wine and if you are not careful you can end up spending a lot more money than you intend to on wine that you don’t like.

However, the situation is easily avoided if you follow a few handy hints:

Know what you like

The most important factor to consider when buying wines is to know what styles of wine you like. You may see a fantastic deal to get 75% off Reserve Quality Rioja but if you don’t like fruity oaked red wines there is no point spending even £1 on it. You can find out more about wine styles here in our WineZone, or even better, you can speak to one of our Wine Advisors on the phone and have a proper chat about it!

Hunt out the small wineries

To ensure that you get value for money, it is best to look to the small wineries that don’t have a marketing budget and where they are more concerned about making fantastic wines. Sometimes it can be hard hunting out the small winery. Here at Virgin Wines we take care of this part and introduce such wineries to you. Not only do the winemakers get exposure for their wines but you get great tipple too – a winning formula!

Seek out less fashionable regions

Wines from much sought after regions such as Bordeaux are often very expensive. But at Virgin Wines, we try to look at neighbouring sites just a stone’s throw away from their more expensive siblings, or countries / regions that produce similar wine without the fashion tag. The quality of the wine is just as fantastic, but it is often far more wallet friendly. A good alternative to Bordeaux for example would be a Chilean Cabernet Merlot, as would a Chilean Chardonnay to a Chablis.

Understand what’s in the price

The key to buying a better wine for less is to understand what’s in the price. If we take a £3.99 bottle of wine for example, just over £2.00 is given to the government as VAT and duty, then taking out production costs, leaves just under 31p to go towards the wine. However, by paying £2 more, the benefit is significant with up to £1.15 going towards the wine.