Classic Chardonnay

Perfectly balanced, subtle and with crisp flavours, Classic Chardonnays shouldn’t be confused with Oaky Aussie Chardonnays, where lashings of oak give an altogether different taste. Instead, a Classic Chardonnay will typically display flavours of lemon and lime, which are expertly balanced by steely mineral tones.

Where To Find It

Arguably Classic Chardonnay has its roots in Chablis in Northern France, where you will find some exceptionally high quality examples of this style, although often with a price tag to match. However, you might also come across similar (and potentially cheaper!) alternatives from other areas of Burgundy, South of France, Italy and increasingly Australia.

What It Is Like

As you would expect, a Classic Style Chardonnay will be made from the Chardonnay grape and the lack of oak means that you’ll get a very pure style of wine. But it doesn’t just have to be about Chardonnay, other grapes such as Semillon and Gruner Veltliner make some very similar alternatives.

When To Drink It

Chardonnay has a certain amount of weight and body behind it, which makes it stand up well to white meat and, particularly, fish dishes. It also makes a good wine for drinking as an aperitif.

Other Similar Styles

If you like Classic Chardonnay but fancy trying something different, you might like Clean and Crisp style wines. Like the name suggests, these are clean, crisp and very refreshing. A perfect choice for drinking on a hot summer’s day.