Soft and Juicy Reds

With this style you can expect a soft, rich, juicy wine with lashings of red fruit, including cherries and raspberries. Soft and Juicy Reds are typically smooth, easy to drink and at the lighter end of the red wine scale.


Winemaking processes, geography and climate play a big part in determining the style of wine that a grape will make. But, as a guide, you can typically expect Soft and Juicy Red wines to be made from Merlot, Pinot Noir, Gamay,Grenache, Sangiovese and Tempranillo.

Around the World

With most of the grapes above grown around the world, you can expect to find Soft and Juicy Reds from many wine growing countries including Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, New Zealand and South Africa.

Matching with Food

Soft and Juicy Reds typically have a streak of acidity running through them which makes them a good match for food. You only need to look to the deliciously smooth red wines of Northern Italy (Chianti and Valpolicella) and discover how good they taste with the tomato based dishes of the region, to know what we are talking about. Having said that, because Soft and Juicy red wines are laden with fruit but tend to have fairly low levels of tannin and alcohol, they are also good for drinking on their own as an aperitif.


If Soft and Juicy Reds are your thing but you fancy branching out from time to time, look for a Lunchtime Red or a Full and Fruity Red. Lunchtime Reds tend to be lighter and lower in alcohol than Full and Fruity Reds and, as the name suggests, won’t send you to sleep in the afternoon. Full and Fruity Reds on the other hand, are generally a bit heavier with a mix of red and black fruits.

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